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Explore the elegance of exclusive Japanese castles through our Timeless Japanese Castles NFT Collection! Each of our 5 unique pieces in 3 distinct collections captures the serene beauty of Japan’s historic castles. 10% of all sales will be donated to castle maintenance funds.

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Own a piece of Japanese heritage and contribute to its preservation with our NFTs!

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Collection story

collections based on 3 individual stories

Blossoms of Ephemeral Spring

In the embrace of the Edo period, a tale unfolds against the canvas of history. Behold the “Sakura Citadel,” a castle where time dances in harmony with the petals of cherry blossoms. As spring unfurls its vibrant tapestry, the castle becomes a haven of serenity, adorned with the blush of sakura.

Amidst this picturesque backdrop, a young artist named Yuki finds her muse. With delicate strokes, she captures the sakura’s ephemeral beauty. Her art whispers of a season where the world awakens from slumber, and the castle becomes a sanctuary for dreams and aspirations.

As word spreads of a grand art exposition, Yuki’s heart races. Her masterpiece, a portrayal of Sakura Citadel adorned in sakura blossoms, stands as a tribute to the fleeting magnificence of spring. The judges, captivated by the art’s resonance, declare her the victor.

Today, Yuki’s masterpiece lives on as an NFT, allowing collectors to own a piece of “Sakura Citadel’s” ethereal beauty, and to bask in the timeless allure of spring’s awakening.

Winter’s Silent Majesty

Venture back to the Edo era, where a different chapter unfurls beneath the hush of winter. “Yukigami Castle,” nestled in the heart of the land, becomes a realm transformed by snow’s embrace. As snowflakes paint the landscape in delicate white, the castle stands as a monument to winter’s serenity.

Here, an artist named Hiroto finds his calling. His brush captures the splendor of Yukigami Castle beneath a blanket of snow, a scene where tranquility reigns supreme. His art tells the story of a season that blankets the world in stillness, inviting reflection and introspection.

News of an art contest resonates through the castle halls. Hiroto’s heart quickens as he presents his masterpiece—a portrayal of Yukigami Castle adorned in the quiet grace of winter. Judges are spellbound by the art’s ability to evoke the magic of winter’s touch.

Now, Hiroto’s masterpiece lives anew as an NFT, inviting collectors to own a piece of “Yukigami Castle’s” wintry enchantment, and to experience the harmony between man and nature during winter’s embrace.

Castle Among the Sea of Clouds

Step into the past, to the enchanting world of the Edo era, where “Unkai Keep” resides amidst a dreamscape. Perched atop clouds, the castle defies earthly bounds, its towers piercing the mist. Here, reality and fantasy meld into one.

Within this ethereal realm, an artist named Mei discovers her inspiration. Her art brings to life the vision of “Unkai Keep” amidst the sea of clouds, a place where imagination knows no limits. Her strokes tell of a castle that beckons adventurers to explore the skies.

Rumors of an art contest stir Mei’s heart. Her masterpiece, a depiction of “Unkai Keep” amid the clouds, captures the very essence of wonder. As the canvas is unveiled, gasps of amazement ripple through the room—the art blurs the lines between earthly abodes and heavenly domains.

Mei’s masterpiece is now an NFT, a gateway for collectors to own a piece of “Unkai Keep’s” celestial allure, and to lose themselves in the realm where reality mingles with the boundless heights of imagination.

Each story is a testament to the power of art, offering a glimpse into the soul of castles set against the backdrop of the Edo era’s enchantment.


Spreading the Charm of Local Regions to the World

Step 1: Promoting the Attractiveness of Rural Areas

My project aims to introduce the charms of rural areas to a wide audience and create an opportunity for many tourists from Japan and abroad to visit these areas. Through web design, I will create websites for traditional stores and ryokan (Japanese-style inns) to express the local climate and traditions in an attractive way.

Step 2: Cooperation with local communities

To maximize the attractiveness of local regions, we collaborate with local people. We will work with local people to gather information on traditional stores and inns, and reflect their characteristics in our web design. We place importance on incorporating local stories and history into the website as rich content to convey a deeper appeal to visitors.

Step 3: Castle Art Project

Through my castle art, I will work to express the historical value of Japan and at the same time support the sustainable development of the region. By donating 10% of the proceeds from the castle art sales to the preservation and maintenance of the castle, I hope to play a part in protecting the historical icon of the region and passing it on to future generations.

Step 4: Generate interest in Japan

Through castle art, I would like to play a role in stimulating interest in Japan among tourists and art lovers. Through beautiful artwork, I hope to stimulate the desire to visit Japanese castles and contribute to the promotion of local tourism.

Step 5: Sustainable Growth

My project aims for sustainable growth. I hope that local towns will thrive as tourism resources and contribute to the development of the local economy. I want to grow with the region and continue to bring the charm of Japan to as many people as possible through attractive content and art.